President and CEO

Benjamin R. Humphreys, Jr. is the President and CEO of Comtel Communications based in Richmond, Virginia.  Mr. Humphreys founded Comtel in 1991 as a regional agency focused on voice and data services. The firm has grown and evolved over the years to become a trusted resource for customers looking for turnkey technology solutions.

In 1996,  Mr. Humphreys helped found the Agents Alliance, a forward-thinking consortium of like minded organizations that foster best practices among technology solutions organizations.  Humphrey’s vision was to blend the talents of similar telecom firms to maintain cutting-edge opportunities for clients. Members of Agent Alliance have expertise in long distance, local dial tone, convergence applications, conference calling, data services, Internet connectivity, DSL, web-hosting broadband apps, VoIP and more.  Because of Comtel’s involvement in Agent Alliance, Humphrey’s believes we can offer “best in class” service provider agreements, as well as the scale and volume that aggregation presents, including efficient contract management, enhanced capabilities, and credibility as a sounding board for improvement.  Humphreys  has also served on a variety of carrier advisory boards and currently sits on the Centurylink Channel Alliance Advisory Council.

Mr. Humphreys holds a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.