After the Christmas holiday and before January 1st, there often is a period of quiet time in the office to close out the current year and to prepare for the new one.

As you reflect on your business and begin to make your “New Year’s resolutions” for 2018, it is a very prudent decision to include goals to improve your business’s efficiencies, enhance productivity and drive profit.

It is known that telecom and technology are in the top tier of business expenses. They too can be a key factor in advancing your business goals.

Here are three ways to get your telecom technology house in order and launch into 2018:

  • Inventory your services: Create a spreadsheet and record what telecom services you use and add what telecom services you need.
  • Review your existing contracts: Add this information to your spreadsheet. Who are your providers? What are your contract end dates? If your contracts are more than 18 months old, it may be time for a refresh as prices for services continue to decrease. See this article for items to look for in your telecom bills. (add link)
  • Telecom technology analysis: In your spreadsheet, record your equipment (phones, PCs, server, PBX, etc.) and its age. It is good to know what technology is getting ready to age out and to proactively plan for replacement. Also, note what new equipment you would like to add to help drive your business’s goals.

Once you have completed your spreadsheet, you have an excellent working document to refer back to in th

e New Year. You or the appropriate team member can use it to research and compile new solutions.

Instead of doing all of the legwork yourself, consider tapping into a telecom agent to help you get a deeper, more organic overview of a wide range of solutions and how each one fits in with what you're trying to accomplish. The agent’s time and objectivity is no cost to you as they are compensated by the provider that you choose to contract with. Click here to learn more about the benefits of working with a telecom agency. 

Best wishes for a happy New Year!

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Author: Amy Humphreys