The premise of unified communications (UC) technology is simple. Businesses can consolidate multiple communications functionalities into a single tool to create an essential platform for critical business processes. This enables seamless real-time communications across channels—inside as well as outside of an organization.

In the second part of this six-part series highlighting the advantages of moving to a business UC system, we explore the features offered to UC clients.

Advantage #2 - Eliminating the Messaging Chaos

Anyone who works in a business environment is familiar with the phenomenon of messaging overload. With so many ways to communicate, it almost becomes a full-time job to keep up with emails, texts, voicemails and social media interactions. All too often, workers find themselves in siloed workspaces—spending hours or two replying to email, listening to voicemails, and becoming distracted responding to social direct messages. Even having mobile access to the different mailboxes doesn’t solve the problem because it still requires separate log-ins and interfaces to access all the communications.

UC offers a business enhancement benefit by consolidating messages into one mailbox. Rather than deal with disjointed messaging repositories, users can go to one unified mailbox to retrieve their voicemails (transcribed into a visual format for reading), emails, fax messages, IMs, texts, and more. These also can be organized by contact so one can see the communications across all channels from a given person.

Quotably, Chadwick Martin Bailey, found that half of the organizations that use UC have saved as much as 20 minutes per employee, per day, due to more efficient message management.

To explore how you and your staff can benefit from implementing Unified Communications independent telecom agents will help review your business goals and present solutions at no cost to you. In addition, a telecom agent or consultant can assist with the procurement of your technology, as well as ongoing care and issue resolution with the selected provider.

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Author: Amy Humphreys