Digital transformation is here and now. Along with the rise in mobility, is the ongoing move to the cloud and IP communications. These digital transformation initiatives are already underway at nearly 70% of companies, according to Nemertes Research.

In the fifth part of this six-part series highlighting the advantages you gain from moving to a business UC system, we explore how UC supports digital transformation. 

Advantage #5 - Digital Transformation

To facilitate the shift to cloud and IP communications, companies must employ better customer service, better operations and increased employee enablement. These go hand in hand with the ability to benefit from data-driven decision-making, and the agility to pioneer innovative products and services, catering to changing business needs with speed. Moving to an app-based business model resting on IP is key to staying relevant and profitable.

Companies who are fully embracing digital transformation are 72% more likely to increase their spending on UC. There’s a critical relationship between foundational technologies and enabling larger business goals through the cloud. As Nemertes points out, when separate teams cannot quickly and effectively collaborate using the most feature-rich apps, or when aging PBXs cause regular outages, digital transformation initiatives suffer.

A UC system, when coupled with an IT-ready hosted PBX platform, is a solid foundation for enabling digital transformation. Cloud-based apps can integrate with UC systems for fully connected, anywhere, anytime, seamless work experiences that support business objectives in a way that legacy approaches never could.

To explore how implementing Unified Communications can benefit your business, utilize professionals, like independent telecom agents, who will help you review your business goals and can present solutions at no cost to you. In addition, a telecom agent or consultant can assist with the procurement of your technology, as well as ongoing care and issue resolution with the selected provider.

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Author: Amy Humphreys