Whether your business is small, medium or an enterprise, technology can improve efficiencies and profitability if understood and implemented wisely. By tapping into Unified Communications technology, a multitude of benefits can be experienced.

In the final installment of this six-part series highlighting six key advantages gained by moving to a business UC system, we explore how UC can support the future growth and success of your company.

Advantage #6 - Enabling the Future 

UC provides the ability to future-proof businesses for what’s next. The Internet of Things (IoT) is just starting to become an important aspect of how businesses function. From adding tracking sensors to inventory pallets to enabling virtual reality-based “field trips” in geography class, UC business uses become more and more common every day. Industrial IoT apps, such as applications on manufacturing floors to detect malfunctions and using GPS-based location reporting to manage transportation are already well embedded in many locations.

Each of these connections generates data—data that needs to be collated, analyzed, and made available to various applications. An integration with the UC system will be an invaluable piece of this puzzle. For instance, in the inventory example, the IoT system can trigger automatic notifications in real-time when stock levels of a particular item start to get low. That alert can be sent to the provisioning and requisition team automatically. During busy seasons, or on sale days (think Black Friday), the system can be configured to not only send a message, but also notify on-floor retail staff, via text, that levels are low and when stocks might be replenished, so they can level-set expectations with shoppers. The combination of IoT, messaging, and collaboration via UC, supports these kinds of operational models that can be game-changers for delivering better customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.

UC holds great promise for businesses of all sizes with a number of clear advantages, from basic productivity gains, to enabling future business models. The cost-savings associated with implementing UC are real and achievable —as are a number of other benefits that may not seem so obvious on the surface. By buying into UC, you can save money and improve efficiency. For this reason, the industry is shifting in that direction. Don’t let your company fall behind.

To explore how implementing Unified Communications can benefit your business, utilize professionals, like independent telecom agents, who will help you review your business goals and can present solutions at no cost to you. In addition, a telecom agent or consultant can assist with the procurement of your technology, as well as ongoing care and issue resolution with the selected provider.

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Author: Amy Humphreys