One of the issues we often face is convincing a customer that a cable connection will often not provide the level of connectivity and reliability needed to be most productive.  In order to insure top performance, sometimes it is worth the added cost to upgrade the connection while saving overall with cloud services.

The cost and speed advantages of the cloud are only as good as the network

With technology evolving at an increasingly-rapid pace, how can your organization get a step ahead of the competition? The answer may be in the cloud. Businesses are leveraging affordable cloud-based resources to achieve a competitive advantage. As cloud-based facilities become increasingly mainstream, companies are seeing their connectivity as crucial to nearly every part of their business.

Businesses get closer to the customer with cloud computing

In this report, McKinsey & Co. identified early mainstream adopters of AaaS, or Anything as a Service. Some companies have shown how using easily accessible and reliable networking allowed them to expand their business and reach directly to customers.

In the report McKinsey says that cloud computing “…(accessing computer resources provided through networks rather than running software or storing data on a local computer) exemplifies this shift. This development has created a wave of computing capabilities delivered as a service, including infrastructure, platform, applications, and content.”

Customers want access to the systems they count on

As these capabilities are delivered, continuous, robust connectivity makes the difference between functional and non-functional products. When enterprises create systems that their customers come to rely on, the ability to access these systems can be the most significant differentiator between competing products. So network reliability is a top requirement for companies deploying cloud-based services.

Many companies could not afford the level of performance modern apps require if they had to build the infrastructure themselves. When working on a growth strategy for your company, consider that cloud services can help your business scale up economically, without expensive infrastructure investments. One critical factor to consider is the reliability of your network connection. It’s important to mitigate any risks ahead of time to prevent downtime.

Businesses count on the cloud for speed, reliability, cost savings

Going with a cloud option is not only less expensive, since you pay just for what you need, but also much faster to set up. Companies opting for on-premise offerings have to order the servers, wait for them to ship, and then set them up, losing valuable time to competitors. When trying to get an app up and running, it is critical to show information as quickly and reliably as possible. With a cloud option, the speed and reliability of the network supplier is absolutely crucial to growing your business.

Staying connected to the services that operate the enterprise is the key to leveraging these flexible and cost-efficient cloud-based services.

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By Scott Koegler for