Today’s applications demand more bandwidth than ever. IT professionals constantly find themselves in the position of having to respond to those bandwidth needs reliably and affordably. To accurately determine how much bandwidth your business needs, you need to assess the factors that impact network performance.

Consider the following:

  • How many people use the network?

  • What is the network used for?

  • Are employees accessing applications in the cloud or in a data center?

  • Do users connect to branch location via a wide area network (WAN)?

  • What core applications are running and how bandwidth intensive is each? (e.g. email versus video streaming)

  • Are secure virtual private network (VPN) connections needed?

  • Does your company need encryption for compliance purposes?

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To best review your business’s bandwidth needs, confer with an expert. An agnostic technology agent or consultant can ask the right questions to determine what you need, help you gain a deeper overview of the wide range of solutions available and how each one fits in with what you’re trying to accomplish. In addition to assisting you with procurement, they can also handle ongoing care.

Comtel Communications is a full-service consulting agency that utilizes an agnostic approach. As a compliment to its business communications solutions, Simplicity VoIP offers a consultative approach as well as a host of additional cloud and security technologies.

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Comtel Communications, a telecom/technology consulting agency based in Richmond, Virginia since 1991, provides best-in-class solutions and unbiased counsel to a diverse group of small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses, totaling more than $18.2M in annual billings. Leveraging unique access to 350+ national and international providers, Comtel benefits its clients through competitive quotes from multiple sources, to ensure their business goals are met with current and dynamic telecom and technology services. Acting as a partner, long after contracts are signed and services are deployed, Comtel offers superb back-office support to manage upgrades, track orders, and provide training to clients.

Author: Amy Humphreys