Many people are skeptical that the cloud is secure due to lack of knowledge about the technology and measures to protect the data from within. In the United States, more than 90% of enterprises and 52% of small and medium sized businesses use the cloud specifically for storage. In reality, many professionals perceive the cloud to be quite secure as compared to legacy platforms which are on-premise back-up, storage and computing systems. This was confirmed in a survey of IT professionals of medium to enterprise level companies conducted by Clutch. 64% said that the cloud is more secure than legacy systems. In fact, CFO’s are also jumping onboard. According to Forbes Magazine, 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business in 2017.

Here are a few reasons to support why cloud technology is trusted:

1. Surveillance

Cloud storage providers not only have multi-layered, internal security protection that include observing and controlling internet traffic, and configuring firewalls, but also external. Data storage locations have many precautions including high fences, barbed wire, concrete barriers, guards that patrol the area, and security cameras in place conducting pre-screening before anyone is allowed to enter.

2. Access

Data is stored in off-site facilities where security is highly important on the outside and inside. When businesses have data stored away or off-site from the company, risks are reduced that the information can be compromised by employees, vendors and visitors.

3. Security Monitoring

Cloud storage providers specialize in keeping data safe. There is constant testing and auditing of in-house systems, storage and environments to determine the quality of their security. Because of this constant monitoring, data is ensured to be safe and properly encrypted in these data storage centers. This monitoring also makes sure controls are in place and everything is working like it should be.

With the migration of data to the cloud, companies still own responsibility for security. Those adopting the benefits of the cloud must be vigilant in their own processes that security is working properly. With proper internal protocols in place paired with the expertise of a cloud service provider, businesses can be confident that all has been done to ensure the safest cloud use practices.

Author: Mike Martin

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