Cyber threats are a reality for all businesses, enterprise and small alike. But what if the vulnerabilities are actually internal?

When trusted insiders turn malicious, the motives are many: theft, espionage and even plain-old curiosity -- and the damage can be devastating.

Businesses must be aware of possible threats in order to understand how they can protect themselves. The team that brings you Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report shows you how to fight back.

Read the Verizon Insider Threat report (insert link), from the team that brings you Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The report discusses victim organizations and affected industries, threat actor misuse varieties and paths, as well as affected assets and data varieties.

Insider Threats are defined with five Data Breach Digest (DBD)3 scenarios:

  • The Careless Worker (misusing assets)

  • The Inside Agent (stealing information on behalf of outsiders)

  • The Disgruntled Employee (destroying property)

  • The Malicious Insider (stealing information for personal gain)

  • The Feckless Third-Party (compromising security)

You’ll learn how to fight insider threats with 11 proven countermeasures -- and new ideas for building a better Insider Threat Program using a two-step approach. First, know your assets and people. Second, implement measures to reduce risks and improve responses.

Click here to get the full 2019 Verizon Insider Threat report.

Information is power and understanding the threats you face today can only help you improve your security for the incidents you will face tomorrow.

Comtel Communications is a full-service consulting agency as well as a Verizon Platinum Partner. As a compliment to its business communications solutions, Simplicity VoIP offers Verizon’s full suite of security solutions. Our team can help you explore the security options available to protect your business based on key priorities.

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Author: Amy Humphreys