At Simplicity VoIP, customer support delivery is one of our key differentiators and an area that we pride ourselves on. We value our clients and our top priority is to assure their phone system installation is smooth and hassle-free. Another priority is to be there for our customers in real-time if they have a VoIP service issues. These priorities would be impossible to attain without our Client Services team members. Lenada Crabb is part of our team as the Client Services Project Manager. She is a key component in delivering exellence prior to, during and after the installation.

Many of our clients know and love Lenada. This month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on this behind--the-scenes team member who makes all of our lives a little bit easier.

Q: How long have you been with the company?
A: I’m going on 13 years.

Q: What roles have you played in the company?
A: I’ve just been in this role as a client services rep. I help welcome and onboard Simplicity VoIP customers, as well as provide phone support and work trouble tickets.

Q: What has changed since you’ve started with the company?
A: A lot, when I first started with Comtel, we were doing a lot of POTS lines and there were dial up and T1 connections. Since that time, there has been a transition to bigger internet connections, VOIP and security solutions.

Q: What is your favorite Comtel tradition, event, etc.?
A: In December two of our sales team prepare a crab cake and chocolate-dipped strawberries lunch for the office, there is also the annual Christmas party I like that we all just get together, eat, drink and have a good time.

Q: What is the first thing you do during the day?
A: Get coffee – a vital element to excellent customer service. Then I go through emails, check trouble tickets and start working with customers.

Q: What is the most stressful part about your job?
A: A network outage event is definitely the most stressful time. It also gets stressful if someone is having an issue that we can’t figure out the problem or answer to.

Q: What is your favorite part about this job?
A: The people - everybody I work with.

Q: Is it fun being able to work with your mom?
A: Yes, absolutely! It is great that we have a commonality, and if I need a break or am stressed, I can go down the hall and just give her a hug.

Q: How often do you have to help customers with the VoIP admin portal?
A: Every day, all day – this is the brain of their system and keeps everything running. It is very user-friendly, but they don’t have to specialize in it. They can just call me and I’m happy to assist.

Q: What is the most common questions you’re asked?
A: The most common ones are how to: change a mailbox password, change the name on an extension, and reset portal passwords.

Q: Is there anything you would like to share about your time at Comtel?
A: First, when I started at the company, I was only temporary, and I really didn’t expect to be here long. Now, almost 13 years later, I am still here and I really like working for the company. I feel that we are very family oriented. I like the flexibility, and I like how if something comes up with family, we can easily be with our families for whatever time is necessary. Also, I enjoy working with the team.

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