The occasional dropped business call is no big deal, things happen. But if your telecom services and VoIP technology aren't up to date, what should only be a minor issue becomes a big problem before you know it. There are a number of devastating effects of consistently dropped business calls that create big problems for your entire organization. 

Your Relationships Begin to Deteriorate

The most immediate effect of dropped business calls is also one of the most catastrophic - your relationships with your clients will most likely begin to deteriorate. 

Think about it this way: if your own clients and customers need to pick up the phone and give you a call, the issue they want to discuss is obviously pretty important. Customer service is a big part of what you do, regardless of the industry you're in. If people dread using the phone because they'll have to deal with a poor connection or dropped calls, there is a high chance that they will stop using your services. 

Productivity Dwindles

Another one of the devastating effects of dropped business calls happens internally - it simply becomes harder for your employees to do their jobs. 

Think about all the times that you need to reach a client to discuss important details with them before changes are instituted, or you have questions that need to be answered before you can move forward. Now, imagine that you can't actually do this - at least not reliably. Progress grinds to a halt and the actual work that does get done is questionable at best. Suddenly the spine of your organization - your ability to communicate - is as weak as it has ever been.

Collaboration is Harder

Finally, another one of the most severe consequences that comes along with dropped business calls has to do with collaboration, or a lack thereof. Your employees need to be able to work together to form something much more powerful and meaningful than any one of them could be on their own. Collaboration is essential in all industries, but without reliable communication it is an uphill battle.

Sure, people could send emails or walk down the hall to visit a colleague in their office - but what happens if a mission-critical issue comes up and a key employee is gone for the day? Or in the field? Or on vacation? What happens to collaboration then?

The answer is simple: it dies. 

These are all among the key reasons why having quality telecom services with reliable VoIP technology are of paramount importance. Remember that you're not just talking about your ability to send and receive calls - you're talking about your business' ability to function on the most basic level.


Author: Pete Kraehmer

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