Hidden Problems That Can Cost You – Know Your Options

Did you know that personal devices can put a tremendous drain on your wireless network? Without effective visibility and control, these devices have the potential to be highly disruptive to networks and the IT departments that support them.

When there’s no access control, a wireless device will automatically connect to an SSID that it has previously connected to. Whether or not the device actually connects to the network, a simple access request drains network resources. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of devices logging in, or just trying to – and your network is likely to slow to a crawl or even crash completely. The problem is further aggravated by “bandwidth hogs” – apps that continually send and receive updated data. Plus, users walking around with several devices that keep trying to connect also contribute to the strain on your network, unnecessarily.

Managing your mobile environment and optimizing wireless spend is complicated by a significant number factors:

  • Different types of mobile workers with different needs
  • A diverse set of continuously changing carrier plans and options
  • A multitude of different types of devices and mobile OS’s
  • Emerging trends like BYOD

To manage your company’s network and IT resources, not to mention protect them from a cyber-attack, it is important to have well defined protocols and systems in place. Emergency security solutions, also provide peace of mind in today’s tumultuous cyber climate.

Understanding your options and determining the ideal path to take is often confusing and complicated. Utilizing the resources and a firm that specializes in cellular cost optimization and mobility program management is a wise option that can save you time and money.

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Author: Pete Kraehmer